A Wholesome Life begins with you…


Creating experiences that naturally revitalise, nourish and set your spirit free!  Connecting you with nature and time out through wellness retreats and travel to inspire lifestyle choices. Committed to providing you with quality and empowering experiences. Conscious about taking a wholesome approach of life, that is authentic and true to you …

Wholesome Life’s vision is to simply take time out for you, to create spaces to retreat to and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Each experience shares lifestyle awareness and new knowledge to empower positive change and expand outlooks on life, naturally.

Wholesome Life’s wellness services for both individuals and private groups include –

  • Retreats – Australia-wide and recommended international experiences
  • Wellness Travel Holiday Packages – getaways to inspire you!
  • Lifestyle – wellness programs and day retreats for private groups.


When you take care of yourself as a whole being – your physical, mental, emotional and authentic self, you are open to experience greater joy, clarity, awareness, grounding, love and zest for life. In this integrated ‘whole’ approach, with taking time to be in nature, to travel and educate self in new healthier, brighter ways to empower and live your life.

Retreat Experiences

Quality retreat experiences to nourish your mind body heart and spirit

Taking time to just be, reflect, rejuvenate, nourish your body and soul in natural settings is what you can expect to experience in any one of Wholesome Life’s retreat experiences. Each retreat experience is uniquely created with special interests, destinations and length of time to suit your personal needs.

Wholesome Life specialises in authentic Western Australian inspired retreat experiences. Also offering coastal retreats on the East Coast of Australia and international retreat experiences connecting you with soulful retreats throughout the year. Take a well-deserved retreat getaway from our busy Western living. Find a retreat to suit your needs.

Choose from the following retreat experiences:

  • Australian Guided Retreats to unique destinations
  • Womens Retreats at Ningaloo Reef and Bali 
  • Overseas Guided Travel and Tours – these give your supported wellness travel opportunities and pre-organised programs  to unique destinations travelling for your wellbeing, discovering cultures and taking a mindful approach to travel with authentic travel experiences off the beaten track. Upcoming destinations include SpainBhutan
  • Self-guided Retreats and Holidays – this gives you flexibility on travelling at your leisure, with retreat-style holidays organised and personalised to your needs. Current destinations include Western Australia to Broome region  … more destinations coming soon.

Wholesome Life retreat and travel experiences are kept to small group experiences, to provide more personalised and quality programs.

Contact us at info@wholesomelife.com.au if you would like some assistance to find something right for you!

Travel Holiday Pacakges

Wellness travel and adventuring in like-minded, supported, small group travel ..

Our vision is to provide safe, supported, authentic and unique travel experiences to natural wilderness areas, in wellness destinations and cultural engagement. Our selected travel experiences and packages are carefully selected, for travellers looking for more purpose in travel, travel for personal wellbeing and soul, and timeout for self in conscious environments.

These packages to wellness destinations are ideal for people wanting to a wellness travel  experience on their own or in small, connected like-minded travel groups and without the risks of independent travel. There is still personal time for you to be independent, connect to self, your environment and be free from your world Western world.

All our programs are either researched to work with like-minded travel providers or designed by Wholesome Life to connect you to wellness retreats within your travel experience, enjoy quality local regional food, body rejuvenation experiences, new cultures, experiences off the typical ‘tourist route’ and local, community connection. The planning has been done for you.

Pack your bags to your next wellness holiday.

Lifestyle Experiences

Workshops, Day retreats and Special events

Wholesome Life shares wellness knowledge, bringing together leaders in the wellness and natural health industry to create quality lifestyle and wellness programs. Partnering and connecting with the wellness community, Wholesome Life’s hosts, qualified facilitators and special guests inspires you with health and wellness with a natural outlook on life.

With an understanding that everyone is unique and authentic, a variety of lifestyle options and practical ways to live life with more vitally and naturally is offered in enjoyable, comforting and nature-inspired settings. Find out more.

Wholesome Life provides quality retreat, wellness programs, workshops and tailored event planning for private group and corporate programs. Committed to working with you and your organisation on your needs, vision, tailor themes, working towards desired results and connecting you with qualified facilitators to deliver your health and wellness program. Read more

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