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Meet some of the Wholesome team …

Our team of inspiring, naturally-conscious individuals and facilitators all from different backgrounds, perspectives on life, expertise and experience, support and guide our experiences. Together with an aligned vision for healthy, balanced and empowering living, while creating fun, safe, nourishing, supportive and natural settings for you to learn, experience, grow and simply just be.

Kaylie Porter-Smith

Founder, Retreat Host, Programs and Guest Relations

Wholesome Life comes to life from  a vision to create nourishing spaces to just be and freedom to explore, by creator Kaylie.  Having explored further horizons herself with extensive travel abroad from her hometown Perth, living overseas in Spain, France, yachting in the Mediterranean, in a Canadian ski village through to London – seeing, living in and embracing cultures and different ways of living, sparked a natural love for travel and connection globally. Kaylie also shares a vision to create small group travel wellness and nature-based experiences that are authentic, supported, safe and empower independent travel.

By contrast, understanding of a corporate lifestyle, stress management, work-life balance challenges prompted Kaylie to take responsibility for her lifestyle choices and wellness path. From her own experiences, Kaylie has a natural desire to assist women in their own empowerment to be accountable for their lifestyle choices and living with integrity by their values. Kaylie has explored conscious studies, yoga as a regular practise and natural therapies more closely, to support and learn more about health and wellbeing. Kaylie is also a qualified Raynor massage therapist specialising in womens health.

With over 15 years background in hospitality and tourism industries, event management and marketing communications she comes experienced to put together quality wellness travel and programs. Kaylie is personally passionate about supporting local, small business in regional areas and tourism destinations.

A personal favourite quote… “Live fully. Love wastefully. Be the best you can be! ”

Alexa Nehter

Retreat Host, Yoga Teacher and Mentor, Surfer

Qualifications – Yoga Alliance reg. Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) – M.Ed. Pedagogy, Biology & Exercise Science

German born and raised Alexa Nehter is a science and sports educator turned yoga teacher and author. In her teachings Alexa weaves together her experiences and knowledge of yoga, human biology, physiology, pedagogy and mindfulness meditation. 

Alexa inspires people around the world with her relatable and encouraging approach to yoga and mindful living. She facilitates retreats, courses and workshops to teach a true ownership of yoga and a life that is optimistic, focused and thriving.

Alexa currently teaches in Newcastle / Australia and internationally. She recently authored and published The Clean Yogi. Alexa also mentors yoga teacher who are just starting out and are not sure where and how they are going, as well as experienced teachers who still find it a little bit tricky to display their services, that are so close to their heart and soul. 

Alexa’s mission is to inspire and nurture her community – one yogi, one breath and one practice at a time.

Kelly Dalby

Retreat Host, Mindfulness, Wellness  Coach + Personal Trainer

Message from Kelly .. “When I became qualified as a personal trainer in 2012, trying to work through my own panic attacks and anxiety,  I had no idea that my path would lead me to running retreats, teaching pilates and especially not coaching group fitness on stage! Looking back, my focus, like many was to train as hard as I could, fit as much into my day as possible, and keep it together. I now know that I was missing an element of stillness, I now recognise that we aren’t supposed to hold it all together, infact it is absolutely necessary to be able to fall apart, and I hope more than anything that perhaps something I say in class might resonate with just one person, to help the separate themselves from their mind in order to move forward with a sense of freedom.

 When we become aware of how we move, how we hold ourselves, where our mind goes, what brings us joy, and what makes us feel not so awesome…we start making conscious choices. There is room for mindfulness in every single aspect of our lives, and it will change your life.  Let’s move because it feels awesome, eat because food is amazing and should be celebrated, and strive for a life that is simple, yet blissful.

There is always more to learn, there is always more to share, and my commitment to you is that I will always be real, I will always be excited, I will always be silly. I will always seek out people who inspire me, because I want to inspire you. “

Querida Hutchinson

Retreat Host, Yoga Teacher and Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Instructor

Querida first experienced yoga as part of a Mindfulness program in 2005, and got completely hooked by a weekly corporate yoga class in 2006. Somewhere inside, she knew she would always ‘do yoga’. Moving to regional Queensland with limited yoga options inspired Querida to undertake teacher training as a means to deepen her own practice and knowledge.

Querida studied with Byron Yoga Centre in 2009 and her biggest lesson was the joy that comes from sharing your passion with others. Her teaching journey had begun. Coming full circle, Querida now brings a mindful approach to her teaching. Exploring the balance of movement and stillness, her yoga classes gently examine how being present and increasing body awareness on the yoga mat helps us to live a more mindful life when we step off the mat as well.

Another love of Querida is on the water. She has taken her yoga teaching to the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), bring the two together. Querida is qualified in SUP and SUP yoga instructor featuring in our programs and experiences. She loves the outdoors and adventure.

Querida is also a qualified meditation and energy practitioner.

Cat Cannizzaro

Gourmet Wholefoods Chef, Health Education, Food Journey Travel Host

Born to cook, eat, write and travel, Cat Cannizzaro is Australia’s leading Wholefoods and raw food gourmet chef. Her food, recipes, chocolates and food styling are sought out around the world. Cat focuses is on clean eating with simple and seasonal ingredients, Wholefoods nutrition and inexpensive kitchen equipment to demonstrate and photograph her delicious creations. She caters for all types of diet styles including raw, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, celiac, and clean eating using regional, organic produce from local markets and free-range delicacies.

Cats grew up with slow cooking and organic gardening as a way of life, along with her world-class culinary skills and focus in Wholefoods and cleaning eating, she takes you on a  gourmet food  discovery journey. Her love for teaching, workshops, designing retreats menus and sharing nutrition and health knowledge makes her sessions captivating on our retreats. Now firmly established as Australia’s Leading Raw Food Gourmet Chef, Cat heads the cooking team for health retreats in the Margaret River area, Perth, East Coast of Australia and gourmet food retreats in Europe .

When not on retreat Cat can be found writing recipes for celebrity chef Pete Evans, personal chef to Super Food Guru David Wolfe in 2013, writing recipes for magazines, teaching qualified chefs in raw food preparation and producing her own brand of raw organic chocolate under her label WildRaw. Join us on a food journey with our in-house wholefoods chef Cat who loves to share on more than just food.

Rebecca Johnston

Travel Photographer, Writer and Author of Off Track Travels

Beck is a communications specialist, travel photographer and writer, sports fanatic, ocean lover, adventure seeker and health advocate. Her passion for travel has taken her to 45 countries across the globe.  Beck believes travel is invaluable; it allows reflection, brings clarity and a renewed sense of gratitude. Beck’s experience, passion and like values enhance our retreats and programs, and you may just find her on your next experience with us, capturing the best moments on camera.

Her mission is to awaken the adventurer by connecting with the worlds off track wonders. You can connect with Beck at www.offtracktravels.com and gain an insight into some of the best off the beaten track travel destinations and experiences.

Beck has a degree in communications with more than 12 years national and international experience. She has worked within multiple industries providing strategic creative direction and leading a range of communications campaigns.

Brad Sawatzki

Wholefoods Chef and Nutritionist

Brad Sawatzki is a wholefoods chef, nutritionist and personal trainer. He is a yogi and avid surfer, and is passionate about natural health and sustainable fitness. Originally from Brisbane but learnt most of his skills on the road, having spent over 15 years travelling and working in restaurants, bars and cafes all around the world.

Brad is qualified with a Diploma of Recreation (Fitness Leader) and a B.A in Sport Management. Brad is currently studying Nutritional Medicine at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. He is the former Head Chef of Western Australia’s premier vegan and raw food restaurant Samudra, founder of Good Vibes Café in Nusa Dua, Bali, the creator of Lord Pesto raw gourmet condiments and creator of Vitalismo powerfood supplements.

Brad recently launched Harmonious Eating, which aims to inform, educate and inspire individuals towards positive food and lifestyle choices.  Through Harmonious Eating, Brad offers wholefood cooking classes, gourmet raw food prep classes, nutritional consultations, dietary supplements and health and fitness consultations. To find out more about Brads next workshops email info@wholesomelife.com.au

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