Luxury Tropical Ocean Retreat

7 day / 6 night Wellness Retreat for Women

Destination: Bali, Seminyak area
2018 dates: From April to September 2018 include: April 8th – 14th | May 19th – 25th | June 23rd – 29th | July 14th – 20th | August 11th – 17th | September 22nd – 28th | November 10th – 16th | November 17th – 23rd

*This is a retreat program hosted by one of Wholesome Life partners.

Imagine your days ..

Escape away to the warmer weather and experience a women’s wellness retreat to Bali. Be naturally nourished, and choose who to spend your time. Set your own Set in a beautiful space created just for you, for some well needed ‘me’ time, to enable you to reset and connect with your mind, body and soul. This retreat focuses on an integrated approach to health and wellness. Experience luxury wellness and retreat that combines philosophies which focus on strengthening the physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual elements.

Wellness focus on Holistic Health & Yoga, Yoga & Pilates OR Surf & Yoga

Personalised to your needs, you can choose from four different focused programs –

  • Holistic Health & Yoga
  • Specilaised Yoga
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Yoga & Surf

This wellness retreat is designed to provide an experience that resets your system, creating healthier habits to inspire you to live a balanced lifestyle.

Providing every element you need to reset and reconnect, to nourish and indulge, inside and out. Centre yourself with personalised yoga and meditation sessions while deeply replenishing your body with luscious wholefoods.

Learn new skills, reset your system and build a lasting connection with yourself—all while breathing deeply and laughing loudly. When you return home, take these exhilarating experiences and start fresh by bringing healthy new practices into your life.

This retreat is hosted by one of our retreat partners specailsing in womens health and wellbeing. At Wholesome Life, we will support you also as your point of contact all will be arranged for you in ease, enjoy a special wellness gift pack and we will keep you inspired after the retreat staying connected through our Wholesome Life wellness after-retreat program.

General Inclusions

  • 7 days (6 nights) in our luxurious villa located in the heart of Seminyak short walk to beach
  • 24-hour security and 5-star service from our accommodating team
  • Highly experienced retreat leaders available 24/7 to ensure a wonderful holiday
  • Nightly turn-down service with inspirational quotes
  • Transfers to and from the airport and local hotel transfers
  • Complimentary WiFi access and local telephone calls
  • Complimentary late checkout until 1pm
  • Pre-and-post-retreat booking service for those who wish to spend more time in Bali

Wellness Activities Inclusions

  • A consultation to discuss available holistic treatments
  • Wellness Wednesday – a wellness workshop in the morning followed by a cooking demonstration to learn about preparing whole food menus at home
  • Coaching sessions will be scheduled throughout your stay
  • An informative talk on wellness topics will be scheduled throughout your stay
  • 1 x holistic therapy


  • An unlimited supply of herbal teas, coffee, and filtered water
  • Delicious, nutrient packed, gourmet whole food menu prepared by our in-house chef
  • All meals are provided to ensure you reap the full benefits of following a whole food menu for the duration of your stay
  • Fresh fruit baskets and wholesome snacks throughout your stay

Your choice of packages –

Option 1: Deluxe Yoga Package

Greet each morning with sun salutations in a bright and early yoga class. After your asanas, join everyone for a nourishing breakfast to prepare for the day. Then, experience Bali through an activity of your choosing followed by a delicious lunch. Afternoons and evenings are filled with pool-time and a wind-down yoga class.

Additional Inclusions –

  • 9 x Yoga sessions with guided meditation
  • 2 x relaxation massages
  • 1 x holistic treatment
  • 1 x personal coaching session
  • The choice of 1 additional activity (2 hour spa package, pilates, cooking class, yoga class, surfing, SUP)
  • Unlimited access to top quality yoga equipment including mats, bolsters and straps

Option 2: Pilates and Yoga Package

Rise with the sun and start your day hitting the beach for a power walk or run. Prepare for the day with a deeply nutritious breakfast before starting your morning training session. Pilate classes are alternated throughout the week with either Surf/SUP lesson or Pilates. Then, replenish your energy during lunch at the villa. Your afternoons are a moment of dream-time to wind down with some treatments and then you finish the day with an early evening yoga class before dinner.

Additional Inclusions –

  • 6 x Yoga sessions
  • 4 x Pilate classes
  • 2 x relaxation massages
  • 1 x holistic treatment
  • 1 x personal coaching session
  • The Choice of one additional activity (Surfing, SUP, Pilates, Wake Boarding, 2 hr spa package, cooking class)

Option 3: Surf and Soul Package

Start your day with our early morning yoga class followed by a nutritious breakfast. Energized and nourished, you’ll be able to bring your best game to a surf session on Seminyak Beach. After building up your surf skills — and your appetite — return to the villa for a healthy, flavorful lunch. Then enjoy a little R&R by our pool until dinner time.

Additional Inclusions –

  • 6 x Yoga sessions with guided meditation
  • 5 days of surf lessons with our qualified instructors and partners, the only Balinese-owned surf school
  • A 2:1 surf instructor to student ratio
  • 2 x relaxation massages
  • 1 x holistic treatment
  • 1 x personal coaching session
  • Quality surf equipment to use for lessons and additional practice
  • Unlimited access to top quality yoga equipment including mats, bolsters, and straps

UPGRADE TO: Holistically Heaven Package 

Prepare for the day with a deeply nutritious breakfast before starting your day of holistic healing and health. A morning beach walk followed by a session of holistic healing. You can select from alternative activities for one morning in the program – from spa therapies to water sports.  Then replenish your energy during lunch at the villa. Afternoons are dedicated to Dream time – more healings and pool time.  Wind down in the evenings and indulge in a healthy dinner some herbal tea and delicious desert.

Additional Inclusions  (note upgrade payment required) –

  • 6 x Yoga sessions with guided meditation
  • 4 x Holistic healing sessions
  • Wellness workshops throughout your stay
  • The choice of 1 additional activity (2-hour spa package, pilates, cooking class, yoga class, surfing, SUP)

2018 Retreat Package

All inclusive 7 day / 6 night standard package including taxes.
This includes choice of tailored retreat theme package (as listed above), room package price: 

Twin $2095 USD p.p.
Twin w/ Plunge Pool $2495 USD p.p.
Single $2750 USD pp
Single w/ Bath $2850 USD pp
Master w/ Bath $3095 USD p.p.

Upgrade options available:

  • Single supplement  (subject to availability)

To secure your place

  • Complete BOOK NOW form
  • Pay deposit of $1,000 AUD within 3 days to secure your place (note, this can be paid in AUD then this will be converted to USD equivalent and deducted from your final payment) and remaining final payment required for bookings 3 months or more in advance.
  • OR for all bookings less than 3 months or less, payment is required in full in USD.
  • Note, deposits are non-refundable however, you may transfer to another date if required (subject to availability).
  • Flights not included.

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About the Wellness services & treatments:

At our health and wellness retreat, we want you to feel indulged and pampered on a whole new level. The holistic treatments we offer at Ocean Soul Retreat not only coax you into deep relaxation, they help connect and realign your mind, body, and soul. We work with only the best practitioners in Bali to handpick treatments that will enrich your health and wellness retreat experience.  From traditional Balinese healing to Reiki, each holistic technique offered at our health and wellness retreat for women works to realign your body’s energy and rid your mind of negativity. We believe true wellness is a balance of physical and spiritual health.

One complimentary holistic treatment is included within the programs, with the option of selecting further treatments to enhance your health and wellness retreat.  The holistic healing program has four holistic sessions included. If you would like any additional therapies, we are more than happy to organize them for you.

Throughout the week we have wellness seminars and coaching to provide you with knowledge and tools to implement what you learn when you return home from your health and wellness retreat.

Health and wellness retreats offer the following treatments:

Acupuncture: For thousands of years, acupuncture has been practiced in China and other Asian countries to promote wellness of the body and mind. Extremely thin needles are placed at strategic points on the body to unblock or influence your body’s energy flow.

Craniosacral Therapy: This hands-on technique uses gentle, soft touches to release tensions in the soft tissues and allow your body to bring itself back into balance. The gentle holistic therapy is a deeply relaxing experience.

Holistic Healing: This treatment combines Craniosacral therapy and energy healing to cleanse and re-balance the body’s energy. Your master practitioner will utilize hands-on-healing to release tension and clear negative thoughts and emotions that can trigger changes in the physical body.

Reflexology: The hands-on treatment utilizes the pressure points in your hands and feet that impact your internal organs. Our experienced therapist massages pressure points to stimulate blood flow and release tension to promote healing and wellness.

Reiki: Reiki healing is based on the traditional Japanese idea of universal life energy. Through relaxing hand movements, practitioners balance the energies in our bodies to replenish physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy: This therapy facilitates change at a sub-conscious level assisting in removing blockages. Taking the client from where they are to where they want to be. There are a variety of processes that work with the client under a light trance to access the sub- conscious mind so they can re-awaken their true selves and understand the “what” and the “why”.

Theta healing: Theta healing aims to bring about both spiritual and physical healing by resolving and releasing underlying negative emotions and memories. The removal of these damaging belief systems can allow us to live our fullest lives.

Traditional Balinese Healing: This age-old healing method combines deep bodywork and meditation to achieve harmony in the body. Experience Bali’s rich history of holistic healing.

About your daily Yoga practise

This Bali yoga retreat blends Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa. Led by highly experienced yoga retreat instructor, with practices are designed to connect your body with your breath while quieting the mind and melting tension.

Yoga benefits us physiologically, psychologically and biochemically. By connecting your body and breath, yoga stills the mind, unleashing blockages and tension. The age-old practice is also known to improve your mood, raise concentration levels and attention spans, and advance your cardio and circulatory health.

Enjoy better health and overall wellness. Even beginners will return with the foundation they need to continue practicing and growing. Step away from every Savasana refreshed and with a more mindful lifestyle and greater sense of self.

Each yoga practice is specifically designed to complement your Bali yoga retreat experience. For those opting to learn surfing, or to deepen your yoga practice our yoga classes are highly beneficial to establishing and improving balance as well as strengthening your upper body and increasing flexibility. With every session, experience a welcome boost in your endurance and energy levels. All the equipment is provided including mats, bolsters and blocks. All you need to bring to practice is your mind, body and soul.

Taking time out of your life to invest in you
is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


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